Wednesday, 20 April 2011


A faithful friend looking down the line for a train to arrive. When I picked this up from my letterbox I just went, aww.  Of course this photograph features the bête noir of steam train photographers, overhead electric lines. But as there is not a train in sight they nicely add distance.  I can imagine standing on this station, the wooden boards warm in the sunshine and the train speeding down the line. 

I'm trying to ignore the damage caused by the mail system to the bottom corner, have they acquired a giant rubber recently, this is the second postcard I have received with a mark of this kind.

My sender, Sonja, is a baker-confectioner, two of my favourite things. I love going to countries and tasting the different cakes, pastries and bread. Perhaps in Finland I'll start with omena piirakka (apple pie) or this weekend, mämmi, a Finnish Easter speciality consisting of rye-malt, rye-meal, treacle, and orange peel; eaten with cream and sugar.  I can't imagine what that tastes like.

The card came with one of the 2009 Aurora borealis stamps which
with this one I now have two of the three stamp set.  

Thank you Sonja for this cute card.       

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