Monday, 18 April 2011

The Family

A painting called "The Family" by Sergei Ivanov. Where are they going in the snow?  The young girl in blue with an angelic face leading the procession.  Wherever it is they are well wrapped up against the cold.  My sender, Kati, tells me they are a 19th Century family.  I have been unable to find a lot of information on the artist apart from his lifespan 1864-1910 and that his main subjects were the history of Russia, peasant life and the Russian Revolution of 1905. He was a member of a group of artists called the peredvizhniki, (the wanderers) who were realist painters portraying the life of Russians at that time, both the harshness and the beauty. "The Family" can be seen in The Russian Museum, St Petersburg , a place no doubt to find out more about the painting and Sergei Ivanov.  The postcard came with two
of the 2008 Belarus definitives of Garden Flowers. These the peony and the lily.

Thank you Kati for this beautiful postcard.

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