Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Hong Kong

90% of the daily journeys in Hong Kong are by public transport, making it the highest rate in the world. The only bus route I could read on this photo was 70, and from that I discovered that this is most likely the Exchange Square Bus Terminus in the centre of Hong Kong, near the stock exchange. Are these two women and child heading for the number 70?  If they are it will be heading to Aberdeen, not of course the Scottish city, but Aberdeen harbour on the south shore of the island.

The black and white makes this photo rather timeless, designed as though laying on top of a Hong Kong map, which I spent a happy five minutes squinting at.

My sender is waiting for a postcard from a guy she cares for who she has known for a long time. He travelled to England and promised to send a card  once he had got used to "new atmosphere". Maybe he has a bit of culture shock because she thinks he must have forgotten, and has now has lost touch. Anybody out there promised to send a postcard to Amanda in  China?  Make her happy and send one now.

The card came with a pretty stamp
 of two Asian Restarts floating over blossom. One of two China Birds stamps issued in 2002.

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Christine H. said...

Yes, send that postcard to Amanda right away!
I am in awe of Hong Kong's transport system.