Sunday, 24 April 2011


 Sailing Dinghies
We are having glorious weather at the moment, the perfect time to mess around in boats. I think these two stamps portray the colour and speed of sailing beautifully. Whether out for the day on the lakes and seas or
 Racing Keel Yachts
the more serious business of trying to win a race.

An entry to Sunday Stamps hosted by Viridiasn Postcards


Postcardy said...

Although we had some warmer weather a couple of weeks ago, the weather hasn't been warm enough for outdoor activities lately.

Sheila said...

I can see them all from my window as I read this! It's perfect weather for them at the moment, but I suspect it's not going to last.

Postcard Perfect said...

When we went to the riverside two days ago,I saw a few sail boat.You are right, the weather as its getting warmer is perfect to do some sailing.

Sunday Stamp

Chris Overstreet said...

Still not consistent enough for sailing on the lake here; we'll get a few gorgeous days, then a cold front moves in for a day, with rain and wind. Wouldn't want to be caught flat-footed in your dinghy.

Ana said...

dont know if these stamps are huge or appear so on the scan, but they're really nice...remind me of a set of great sailing Polish stamps from 1965.

spring finally seems to have arrived here as well..which gives more opportunities for cycling and fresh air

viridian said...

These two stamps are great pieces of art also. Thanks for scanning/showing them so large. Happy Sunday Stamps, adn thanks for participating.

Sreisaat said...

I love the artwork. It looks more like a framed painting than a stamp - beautiful!

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