Sunday, 15 October 2017


1938-1954 Definitive Stamps (Design RC Luck)
The postal systems of Kenya, Tanganyika and Uganda were brought together in 1933 with an issue of definitive stamps of local scenes featuring King George V, on the succession of his son the stamps remained the same except as can be seen with a portrait of George VI.
The stamp designs were done by numerous designers each with their own touches.  The 15c on the right designed by G Gill-Holmes introduces a figure who seems to be holding a scroll (unfortunately Mount Kilimanjaro is hidden under the postmark).
R C Luck obviously had a love of bulrushes or stretches of water and their bird life.
RN Ambasana must have been a bit of a royalist as the portrait dominates the Jinja Railway Bridge over the Ripon Falls(constructed in 1926 with some cracking photographs here)
The three countries gained independence in the early 1960s, Kenya being the last in 1963.  All the Star Trek fans out there will recognize the word uhuru (Uhura) as meaning freedom.  I'd forgotten about Prime-Minister and President Joma Kenyatta's fly whisk until seeing this stamp.  I always thought I would like one of these as buzzing things like me a lot but it has a dual purpose in this context for it is also a mark of authority in Maasai society.
1993: Birds Definitive
Here is something that likes insects which in Swahili is called the keremkerem (bee-eater). in particular this is the cinnamon-chested bee eater.
2017: Europa - Castles
Lastly every king needs a castle and Kosova shows a dramatic one on top of a hill which I think may be a re-imagining of the layers of history of the Kalaja Fortress, the castle on the hill overlooking Prizren.

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Saturday, 14 October 2017

Autumn Walks

 The words on the card I think might mean Autumn Greetings in Finnish although 'ruska' on its own is autumn colour so maybe the words mean colourful autumn greetings.   I received this card one August and Eeva said it would soon be the best time to go to Lapland.  I believe the further north you travel in Finland the more vibrant the colours not to mention the fact that the northern lights might be weaving their magic.

Looks like our hiker might be heading to camp to toast her toes by the fire after her companion has removed those seriously large boots in the insert photo and everyone is getting ready to eat a lot of sizzling sausages. I would be looking forward to a nice cup of tea from that billy can but as we are in Finland I would guess that coffee would be on the menu although if we are lucky there might also be Glögi (heated sweet berry juice with lots of spices) .  Autumn is a beautiful time of year to take a walk, not only for the colours but the sound of crackling leaves as the breeze rustles the trees.

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Sunday, 8 October 2017


2015: Hubble - 25 Years of Space Exploration
The massive gas giant Jupiter whirls across a Jersey stamp featuring an image from the Hubble telescope "Jupiter's New Red Spot April 16th 2006".  This year the Juno space probe has been up close and personal sending back even more stunning images and detecting rivers of ammonia on Jupiter as it swings by the planet every 53 days - there is always more to discover and puzzle scientists about Jupiter.

Lets jump across our solar system
2015: 16th Island Games
and head to our own planet while our athletes defy gravity to hurdle at high speed.
Jump to net a ball.
Jump to smash a shuttlecock.
Jump to spike a volleyball and
2014: Glasgow Commonwealth Games (Design: Howard Brown)
Jump to block a ball.  I'll get another J in here for Jamaica who

1963: Definitive
 won the bronze medal at these Commonwealth games beating England 52 - 48.  Close but won at the final throw.
I can't quite make my mind up whether this is showing a throw or a grapple but I like this set of stamps by one of Royal Mail favourite designers Howard Brown.  Sports photographer Andy Hooper took the photographs for the stamps and Nanette Hooglsag created the illustrations.

More throwing, not people but 
1975: Pan American Games
javelins, here at the Pan American Games held in Mexico City.   From what I can gather Grenada didn't actually participate in these games but obviously were building up to it for they have participated in every other Pan American Games since 1987.
1958: Balkan Games
The Bulgarian's were definitely at the 1958 Balkan Games because they were hosting it in Sofia.

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Friday, 6 October 2017


Children at Play by Gertrude Halsband
A sunny day in 1976 and all the children are out playing, skipping, trying on hats, sailing boats and running.  A couple of mothers obvious to it all gossip over a wall. There is a bit of a drama with the crying child telling a tale and pointing.  Is it something the running boys have done or is it the boy with his slingshot who seems to be still in action and picking out his next victim?

The card is of a painting by Gertrude Halsband  whose paintings of cats seem to be popular judging from the internet but then it is their base for taking over the world.   The back to back houses and red brickwork on the card seem to suggest the action is taking place in northern England.  The only painting I found in a national collection is at the Tameside Museum and Gallery in Ashton Under Lyne so perhaps we might guess she was local to there.  The only thing for definite I can find out about her is her dates 1917-1981 and the fact that her work appears in the book "A World of Their Own: Twentieth Century Naive Painters". A mystery but her art lives on. 

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Sunday, 1 October 2017

Icy Lands

1957: Glaciers
Oraefajökull is an ice covered volcano in south east Iceland of 6870 ft (2110m) whose height varies with the seasons with Spring being the time the ice is at its thickest and it is at its highest.  The area is a national park and popular skiing and climbing area.
1972: Herðubreið
Another volcano but this time a flat topped one which are called tuya. Herðubreið in the highlands of Iceland is considered the most beautiful mountain by Icelanders but because of its steep and unstable sides its first ascent was only in 1908.
1986: Europa - Protection of Nature
The Skaftafell National Park whose landscape has been compared to the Alps but of course its geology is very different. It is popular for it is an area of sunny days and I quote "an agreeable climate" and more importantly "a breathtaking collection of peaks and glaciers", waterfalls, rivers and birch woods.

I thought I would have more Iceland stamps featuring ice but there were not as many as I expected however some icy peaks came from an unexpected direction
1975: 5th Series of Definitive Stamps 1974-76
with this Indian stamp featuring the Himalayas.  But lets head to the high seas

2013: 50 Years of Tarmo
and the ships that keep them open in the icy north. Estonia celebrated the Tarmo reaching 50 with this stamp and a Maximum Card.  Built in Finland by Wärtsillä in 1963 it served under the Finnish flag until Estonia acquired it in 1993 when it was the only icebreaker in Estonia. The quote on the front of the card is from Lennart Meri, writer, filmmaker and politician who served as the 2nd president of Estonia in 1993 and seems to translate as "Breaking the ice and sea lanes for the ships and the states of Europe. Take care every Estonian sailor will be proud to act: Farmo!"
I rather like the linking chains cancel. Estonia bought another icebreaker in 2012 so now both the Botnica and Tarno keep the sea lanes open.

We don't need icebreakers in the Irish Sea and indeed if the sea freezes it only does so at the edges and on those rare occasions everybody goes out to have a look at it. 
2012: Christmas Scenes. A Time Gone By
I wonder what this winter will bring?  The artist of the Isle of Man stamp Michael Starkey "works from old black and white photographs of old buildings and streets that no longer exist and brings them back in colour with memories and research".  This set of stamps featured lots of snow and ice but of course my favourite includes a postie, van and postbox.

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Saturday, 30 September 2017

Wild Ireland

This card makes me want to jump on a ferry and travel, perfect blue skies and a trip into wild Ireland what could get better.  The card came from Emma who lives in the south east of Ireland which is nowhere near any of the counties in the photographs but she will only be a car drive away to get out and about.

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Sunday, 24 September 2017

Hungarian Horses

1973: Hungarian Medal Winners, Munich Olympics
Hungary is a horse loving nation and horses make a lot of appearances on their stamps. Here is András Balczó leaping into view in the show jumping and winning the Modern Pentathlon gold medal at the Munich Olympic games.
1974: Centenary of the Universal Postal Union (Designer: Adam Czilényi)
Of course the stage coach with galloping horses was a popular subject for a lot of countries in UPU's centenary year.
1977: Historic Horse Drawn Vehicles
More white horse of the same decade make an appearance pulling an  Omnibus of 1870.

The major horse racing venue is Budapest's Kincsem Park named after a legendary racehorse that won every race (54). Kincsem means My Precious or My Treasure. I don't know if she appeared on any of Hungary's stamps but racehorses certainly do
1961: Racehorses
A few from the set designed by Adam Czilényi (1909-1998) which have been described as like a motion picture. A prolific graphic designer he produced 250 stamps for Hungary alone and over 1000 overall. 
I imagine it is far harder to fall off in a trotting race but hopefully everyone will arrive safely at the finish line and not be taken away in one of these -
1961: Health

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