Saturday, 9 April 2011


 Postbox No LA8 111
In the summer this will just be a postbox with a green tree behind it, but before the leaves appear it can be seen in its surroundings. When I looked up its Post Office name I smiled because it is called Dreamlands, Stainton. I don't think there will be another postbox called Dreamlands.  Its name comes from the nearby farm, I wonder if it was someone's dream place.   Stainton is a scattering of houses, on either side of a beck which divides the hamlet. The postbox is by the side of Stainton Beck, just downstream of the old packhorse bridge. In the golden age of postcards the packhorse bridge would have a postcard to itself, the photographer perhaps wading out into the stream to take it full on, however this happy snapper
kept to dry land. A pleasant place to post a card on a sunny day. 

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