Sunday, 3 April 2011

Medieval Life

A first day cover of stamps issued in 1986 called "Medieval Life", issued to commemorate the 900th Anniversary of the Domesday Book. In 1085 at Christmas William the Conqueror commission the monks of Winchester (the old capital of England) to compile a survey of the country he now ruled, and the land the Normans now owned, after confiscating them from the Anglo Saxons. When completed it would consist of 913 pages and cover 13,000 parts of England. This would be used for centuries after and it would not be until the 19th Century that a another survey of the population would be undertaken. Last month I completed my booklet for the 2011 census.  I could have entered it directly on the web, where there is also a version of the Domesday Book.
The Medieval Life stamps from right to left:
17p - Peasants working in the Fields
22p - Freemen Working and Town Trades
31p - Knights and retainers
34p - Lords at Banquet
The stamps were designed by the company of Tayburn and illustrated by Magnus Lohkamp. I think Lohkamp  has recreated the artwork of medieval times wonderfully.  I have a book of postcards of the Duc de Berry's (1340-1416) Book of Hours.  Contrast with the right hand stamp
the illustration for the month of March.

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Sheila said...

I had that set of stamps and the PHQ postcards to go with them. All but the 31p ones have now gone, and of course I regret not having kept them.

Remarkable resemblance with the Duc du Berry's version.

Bob Scotney said...

I missed out on these stamps as I was in Norway at the time. Sob!
First day covers like this are marvelous.

Postcard Perfect said...

I haven't receive any of those kind of stamp yet, hopefully in the future. The look like a great collection.

Postcardy said...

The stamps are beautiful and the information about the Domesday book is fascinating.

viridian said...

Great designs, beautiful. I also noted the typeface in the cancel - great touch.

Sreisaat said...

These are beautiful designs - the details are amazing.

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