Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Winter Day

"Brilliant Winter Day" by Risto Toivonen

Crisp bright winter days are like jewels spread amongst the dark. My sender lives towards the north of Finland and when she sent this card at the end of January the sun was shining, it was -26 degrees and the trees were covered in frost. She recommends coming to ski in winter, but then quips, that winter every season.  It came with a 2009 stamp

from a miniature sheet on Fashion. This outfit was designed by Tuomas Laitinen and his sister, the artist Anna Laitinen. On its own the stamp looks a attractively spooky as though it is from some fairy tale (or is that just me) but seen as a whole sheet it gives a different feel:
The Top of the World site goes into lots more detail on shoes and more here (page a third of the way down)

Thank you Pirjo. Hope the temperature is heading upwards


Christine H. said...

It's a beautiful card and the stamp seems so perfectly suited. It has that same ethereal quality.

magiceye said...

this is beautiful