Monday, 21 February 2011

Snow in Finland

We had snow on the Lake District hills this weekend so here is a suitably snowy card from a country that knows how to enjoy snow.  Dog sled or skis which would be the best way to travel across Finland in winter?   The card came from my postcrossing friend Eeva for what is know as Friendship Day in Finland or St Valentines and two great stamps, one from
this year's miniature sheet 'Branches of Friendship' featuring happy birds in their nest. They are so unusually and of course, as can be seen, rather cute.  The designer of the stamps, Janne Harju shows the full set here, and yes Janne has also designed postcards. Be still my beating heart.  The other stamp is one of the 2009 minature set for Valentines Day with a little cupid on a cloud drawing a bow. The sheet was called
 drops of happiness, this photo shows the colour better than my scanner.

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