Monday, 7 February 2011

Black Bear

The reverse of the card says: "Black Bear (Ursus americanus). Weighing about ½ lb at birth, black bear cubs usually arrive in Lake Tahoe area in early February".  One cute cub, guess they will all be arriving about now. There has been quite a baby boom in the Lake Tahoe area. The usual diet of these bears are berries, plants, nuts, roots, honey, insects, carrion and small mammals but the bears have discovered that human food is so much more tasty.  It is thought that the high protein of this food of this is causing the rise in bear births.

Lake Tahoe is a freshwater lake in the Sierra Nevada bordering California and Nevada, a year round tourist destination. It looks a beautiful place and my sender says it is one of her favourite places to visit.

The card came with
a wedding rings stamp, photographed by Renée Comet on a white pillow with a piece of white silk joining the rings. And look it also came franked with a heart. How good is that. A nice stamp to use if there is a wedding in the offing and there is also a matching higher value wedding cake stamp, for the heavier weight of wedding invitations.

Thank you JenNifer. Hope you get to see some cute cubs.   



Hello from Portugal. I like your blog about postcards. Visit mine and send me postcards. Paulo

Y. Ikeda said...

So adorable!!! And I want to visit Lake Tahoe. It's my dream since I saw the movie "City of Angels".
Thanks for sharing and commenting on my blog.
Have a wonderful day.