Sunday, 26 December 2010

Wallace's Present to Gromit

Boxing day, the 26th December, was traditionally the time to open presents rather than Christmas Day. There are many theories to the origin of this tradition and of course Wikipedia can be relied on to come up with a few.  However nowadays its Christmas morning that the pretty paper covered parcels are opened and I have now a great pile of books to read, practical and pretty scarves and jewellery to wear at the drop of a hat, no, one thing  I didn't get, hats.

Wallace has given Gromit a bone covered jumper which he may have to grow into.  Of course Wallace invented the Knit-O-Matic machine. The sheep goes in one end, is washed and sheered and out pops a freshly washed sheep at the other end, plus a freshly knitted sweater from that very wool. However the evil cyber-dog Preston subverted the machine for his own evil plans in "A Close Shave". (Sheep rescue clip here)

My sender, like me, could not resit these W and G cards, it is now a Christmas tradition that some of the films appear on television.  She comes from Rutland in England and says many people haven't heard of it. It is the smallest county in England, whose moto is appropriately  Multum In Parvo (much in little).  Probably most famous for the Rutland Water reservoir, a place of many wildfowl and the most spectacular Ospreys.

The card came with that other object of the imagination that also has many aficionados 
one of the 2007 stamps issued to commemorate the publication of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallow, the last in the series of Potter books, some of the book covers and this stamp were designed by Jason Cockroft.  It came through the post unstamped, or perhaps it was delivered by owl
Thank you Lisa, 'cracking' postcard.


Christine H. said...

I may have to move to the UK just so I can send letters with those fantastic Wallace and Gromit stamps. I hope you are enjoying your gifts and the peaceful after-Christmas time.

PostMuse said...

Love the Wallace and Gromit postage. I was introduced to the duo only 6 years ago. My boyfriend is quite a fan and couldn't believe I didn't know about them.

Thank you, Joy, for the wonderful Chester Heritage Pub Crawl! I'll be featuring it next month on Orphaned Postcard Project as one of my "Interlude" posts.

Joy said...

Glad there are Wallace and Gromit fans outside the UK.
Yes I have had a wonderfully relaxing time Christine.
Happy you liked the card Bonnie Jeanne, wow, an Interlude post, didn't expect that.