Monday, 27 December 2010

Aon Phranang Beach, Thailand

We are coming to the end of the coldest December since records began here, how wonderful to have this card drop through my letterbox. I suddenly felt quite cheery. This area of Thailand is described as "towering limestone cliffs, soft white sand beaches, small coves and offshore islands"  The longtail boats in the picture transports to and from Aon Phranang beach and also to Princess Cave in the distance which is the home of a mythical princess.  The beach is described as secluded and tranquil where rock climbers can be watched scaling the cliffs. The limestone cliffs in this area are a popular destination for climbers. I'd stick to the beach and listen to the Andaman Sea lapping onto the shore while the sun shone down.

The card came with a complete set, wow,  of the August 2010 issue of
Orchid stamps, in particular, Rhynchostylis gigantia which are native to south east Asia. They grow from a single base and are different from all other families of orchids. Their stems are short and strong. Certainly strength would be needed to hold up these exuberant blooms.  The flowers are fragrant and only bloom once a year.

The little stamp with balloons is from a set of six memorable words definitive stamps issued in 2010. This one says congratulations.  The others in the set
are, left to right swasdee (the Thai greeting with hands together), happy birthday, thanks, love, miss you and congratulations. We have sets of stamps for similar occasions which the Royal Mail call 'Smilers'.  Appropriately my sender sends me "greetings from Thailand, the Land of Smiles" and, as might be guessed, is a collector of stamps.

Thank you Sathitporn for brightening my winter day

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Christine H. said...

I don't mean to be a big complainer, but where I am now is cold, dark, and rainy. I would like to trade locations for the one above, please.