Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Finland's Wintery Coast

Eeva sends me this card of the Finnish coast in winter. When she sent it it was snowing in Helsinki and she says the sea and lakes have got a white coat. Our snow has gone but it is forecast to return tomorrow, but as we sit on the west coast with the warm gulf stream running past out to sea it rarely gets as snowy as this card.

It came in an envelope with one of the Finnish Christmas stamps
of Santa Claus, reindeer, the northern lights, fells and the rising moon as he delivers Christmas mail. It is designed by Tommi Vallisto who shows the special kind of darkness in Lapland (he studied at the University of Lapland).The Finnish post office call it Tunturimaisema postimerkki which I think means Mountain Landscape Stamp. Eeva also attached a sticker of
Merry Christmas / Hyvää Joulua.  And the same to you.

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