Saturday, 31 March 2018

Winter Journey

A bus station in 1950s Helsinki packed with people each with their own stories and destinations. Highlighted against the snow the driver is loading cases from the passengers and by the clock a group is patiently waiting to board the bus.  I love transport hubs (and old buses) but Helsinki has an even greater claim to fame for its main bus station gave rise to the Helsinki Bus Station Theory about creativity.

Today Helsinki has a sparkling new bus station where 700 long distance buses depart and the same number arrive. One of the busiest and most modern bus stations in the world and the record holder for the world's largest underground bus station.  If you are wondering what the other record holders are look here

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Eva A. said...

Thanks for sharing this postcard. I wonder how many people would send this by snail mail nowadays.

I hadn't heard about that theory, but I like it. I need to think a bit more about!

Maria said...

It's so delightful to read this post and see this postcard! Having been once to Helsinki, I'm very keen to look into every single detail you pointed out on the postcard. Thanks for sharing! Happy Easter!