Sunday, 4 March 2018


1947: Definitive (Design J. Lhuer Engraver J Jacquin)
Time to take a paddle around Soldier's Cove, Langlade. Someone who had taken a trip to Saint Pierre et Miquelon described Langlade (connected by a long sand spit to Miquelon) as "water that goes from emerald to jade to blue, people playing pétanque on the beach, cranberry bogs and tall grasses bending in the breeze". These islands, the last French territory left in North America sound a delight with their brightly coloured houses although it does have a subarctic climate.  St Pierre or Peter is of course the patron saint of fishermen so I hope he is looking after these two anglers
1957: Outdoor Recreation
paddling their Canadian Canoe. Of course when I think 'canoe' this following stamp is what I might think of first
1966: Centenary of Naprstek's Ethnographic Museum, Prague (Design: L Sindelak - Engraver; Josef Hercik)
although I might have 
1971: Death Centenary of Paul Kane ("Indian Encampment on Lake Huron")
a more romantic view in mind.   Paul Kane (1810-1871) sketched and recorded the first nation people when he often travelled in one of the Hudson's Bay Company canoes and his sketches and drawings are considered an important record of the people although his studio paintings are a more artistic interpretation.   I am always fascinated by the artists and photographers that travelled the wild places of North America in the 19th century recording what they saw.
2004: Europa - Holidays
There are still wild places to explore such as paddling a Norwegian fjord or perhaps
2012: Gold Medal Winners - Tim Baillie and Etienne Stott
testing ones skills in white water like Baillie and Stott in the Double Canoe Slalom

Sunday Stamps II prompt of the Letter C - for Cove, canoe, centenary, Canada and Czechoslovakia- See It On A Postcard.


VioletSky said...

I was thinking of canoes for my post, but couldn't find the right stamps. And, in any case you found two Canadian ones I'd not seen before. And, I'm envious you have a St Pierre & Miquelon stamp!

Bob Scotney said...

A great selection, I had not seen any of these before. Glad you started with the St Pierre & Miquelon stamp.

Eva A. said...

Wow, you found a bunch of canoes!