Sunday, 25 February 2018

Briliant Birds

A cover celebrating the 700th anniversary of Biberstein (1280-1980) a village in Switzerland which lies on the north bank of the Aar River. Perhaps one might spot a kingfisher here, if not then there are kingfisher stamps. The village's castle was built in 1280 and features on the cancel as does its coat of arms - a beaver.  This is a play on words which I believe in heraldry is called 'canting' a visual pun on the bearers name and in this case the beaver (in German 'biber) is sitting on a stone (German 'stein') and so we have Biberstein
1966: Int Congress for Conservation 'Pro Natura' Lucerne (Design: B Waltenspühl)
This post may mostly feature birds but now one beaver has appeared why not have another one
1982: Landscapes and Animals
this time living near Lake Hovd in Mongolia.  Lets now return to Europe and Bulgaria for more brightly coloured birds
1965: Songbirds
and ones known for their songs.  From left to right, Northern Bullfinch, Golden Oriel and Rock Thrush
2000-2009 Definitives (Design - Chris van Rooyen)
Of course for vivid plumage the place to be is Africa and here is the Lilac Breasted Roller, one of the many birds that appeared on South Africa's 7th Definite Series along with fish, butterflies and flowers. For some reason none of the butterfly stamps have turned up with me. 
The Woodland Kingfisher perches on the definitive stamp and may not look as brilliant in colour as the common kingfisher but once it unfurls those wings it dazzles.  
2014: Bird of the Year (Design - Vladimir Taiger)
The Common or Eurasian Kingfisher was chosen as Bird of the Year for Estonia's continuing series of stamps. Every year since 1995 the Estonian Ornithological Society has chosen the bird of the year which is linked to other events such as mapping localities and trying to get a better estimate of numbers.
Most of Estonia's kingfishers are found in the south and despite it being a small country there are over 7000 rivers and brooks and 1,500 lakes, perfect for kingfishers if it were not for the very cold winters.

Sunday Stamps II prompt of the Letter B - for Birds, Beavers, Biberstein and Bulgaria - See It On A Postcard


FinnBadger said...

Great choice today. Other than Canada, not often you see a beaver on a stamp. That kingfisher stamp is gorgeous.

Eva A. said...

I love colourful birds on stamps. I learnt the word "kingfisher" thanks to knitting: I bought a skein of yarn that colour.

Not sure that I have seen a beaver on a stamp before. As for real, I only have seen them in Canada, yes.

Bob Scotney said...

Absolutely gorgeous birds - especially that kingfisher.