Sunday, 11 March 2018


1984: Danish Paintings (Design - L Garsparsk; Engraver - A Kühlmann)
The Danish artist Christoffer Whilhelm Eckersberg spent three years in Rome so he would have had plenty of time to enjoy and sketch the 8 day Roman carnival and the party goers he portrays in his painting.
2016: Pixies (Designer - Gustav Mårtensson)
Take your partners, time to sashay across the floor. These are the pixies of Peter Møller, a 19th Century illustrator whose pixies are always playing music, singing and dancing, despite the fact that due to a childhood accident he was deaf.  The pixies appeared on porcelain dinner sets and Christmas cards, the latter are highly collectable today.
1981: Europa - Folklore and Feasts
The North German dancers are painted by Elisabeth van Janota-Bzouski (1912-2012) and with a long name like that no wonder she was known internationally as La Janota.  One of the great German stamp illustrators her 'Day of the Postal Stamp' was chosen as the world's best stamp in 1981 which can be seen here
1969: Regional Costumes
Almost the same costumes appeared on Polish stamps but not surprisingly as these are dancers from Lower Silesia (Wroclaw) a region whose borders have changed over the centuries.
1962: 25th Anniversary of Soviet People's Dance Ensemble
Lets take to the stage with the Soviet People's dancers
1962: Russian Ballet
or just enjoy the ballet 'The Red Poppy' with a score written by Reinhold Glière and first performed in 1927, here we see The Sailors Dance (the action takes place at a Chinese port). 

Sunday Stamps II prompt of the Letter D - for dance and Denmark - See It On A Postcard 



Ana said...

I have to admit that dancing is not something that crossed my mind for today's post, but this is a great selection of dancing stamps, and most of them are quite older so not much of a chance to see them on the mail these days

viridian said...

Lovely stamps - I love dancing.

Bob Scotney said...

A lovely collection - even me with two left feet can admire these.

Eva A. said...

How nice are these? People dancing on stamps always make me smile when I receive a letter.

FinnBadger said...

A fun selection of dancing for today.

violet s said...

I've always wished to be a good dancer.
Apart from ballet, I wonder if any of these old dances are still performed?