Sunday, 25 March 2018


1994-1998: Flora and Fauna defintives (Design; Wendy Bramall)
A rabbit sits watching among the buttercups and bracken on the island of Alderney
2014: Easter Surprise (Design - Paivi Unenge)
but one might find the Easter bunny has hidden some chocolate eggs to find among the flowers.
1994: Provincial Flowers and Plants definitive
It will be June before the prickly rose appears in Finland, sometimes called the Karelian Rose this is North Kerelia's county flower.
Flowers are a popular motif for definitive stamps and Ireland did not disappoint with their series of Wild Flowers of Ireland which ran from 2004 to 2010 with different flowers and values being added through the years. The 7c fly orchid first appeared in 2005 with the 20c Thrift, one of three coastal flowers which were the last stamps to be issued in the series in 2008
The stamps appeared in a variety of formats and sizes as can be seen in these 55c of the large flowered butterwort, a plant native to Ireland but not seen in Britain.
The 48c primrose was one of seven stamps to start the series in 2004 which would eventually feature 27 different wild flowers on 50 stamps painted by the botanical artist Susan Sex. They can all be seen here
1997: Definitives

More flower definitive stamps this time issued by the United Nations in New York featuring a cherry blossom in their gardens and a peace rose from their Rose Garden, part of an original donation of 1,500 rose bushes given to the headquarters by the American Rose Growers Association.
2003: British Gardens
Time to take a walk to through the Sissinghurst gardens, designed by Vita Sackville-West to be like a series of rooms.  The stamp designer is Liz Butler who is known for her miniature paintings of gardens, at the moment she has shifted her painting interest into allotments.  They are as much loved by their owners as gardens but as she says are "more temporary and make do and mend"

An entry to the Sunday Stamps II prompt of the Letter F - for Finland, Flowers and Fauna - See It On A Postcard


FinnBadger said...

Flora seems to be a perennial topic for stamps. And I always love Finnish stamps - they really have embraced modern times with fun, bright and interesting issues in a variety of shapes.

Ana said...

That British Gardens stamp is like a painting indeed! Lovely! And again the Finns strike with something very likable for Easter... well for me at least :)

Eva A. said...

Flowers are always a good theme that everyone likes to see on stamps. The cherry blossom one is stunning, and I also love a lot the last one.

Bob Scotney said...

The rabbit rightly takes top spot but I admire those Irish flowers - not seen these before.