Sunday, 1 April 2018


1969: British Post Office Technology (Design - David Gentleman)
This week Sunday Stamps II has reached the letter G so how could I resist this stamp featuring the Post Office National Giro Bank and their G logo, not only that but for a double G this letter was sent from Glasgow. The cancel "Dial Carefully All figure Telephone Numbers Dial Correctly" refers to the roll out from 1966-1970 of all figure telephone numbers from the previous combination of letters and numbers (the letters signifying the local telephone exchange).  Dialing the wrong number might make one
2016: Mr Men and Little Misses
grumpy.  A celebration of Roger Hargreaves many characters and Mr Grumpy is the grouchiest person in the whole world.  Mr Happy sends Mr Tickle to tickle him if he is mean to someone but perhaps he just needs some music to cheer him up
2018: Popular Culture - The 1960s
maybe a bit of psychedelia or he could learn to play the guitar. Each of the stamps in this Jersey set were designed by different illustrators and the 63p is by Malcolm English (b1946), award winning illustrator and designer  who is famous for his illustrations in the Carnaby Street book.
1965: Musical Instruments
Maybe Mr Grumpy can learn to play this Chadian guitar
2013: Extreme Sports (Design - Bruno Maximus)
or just enjoy playing air guitar.
1983: Music in Sweden (Photo Anders Hanser; Engraver - Czeslaw Slania)
or sing along with ABBA.  I think I will take this option - take it away on your guitar Björn.

Sunday Stamps II prompt of the Letter G - for Great Britain, Giro, Guitar and Grumpy - See It On A Postcard


FinnBadger said...

Great story to tie all your G stamps together.

Ana said...

Mr. Grumpy is sooo cute! Love this stamp!!

violet s said...

I really like these information cancels!
Hopefully you are not grumpy on this fine easter day.

Eva A. said...

I enjoy a lot your stories for the A-Z Sunday Stamps. But the first stamp alone was a great finding for the letter G!