Saturday, 21 April 2018

Dive In

The weather is glorious at the moment here so the beach will be a popular destination this weekend but perhaps a lido or outdoor swimming pool would be an alternative. This card features a railway poster created by Fortunino Matania in the late 1920s to tempt people onto the train and journey to the seaside resort of Southport.  Referred to as a 'Sea Bathing Lake' it was demolished in the 1990s but you can see from these old black and white photos how the artist has brought life to the lake under a vibrant blue sky.   Fortunino Matania (1881-1963) drew for all the famous illustrated magazines of the day and was also a war artist in the first world war.  The fun fact is that he had a photographic memory.

Postcards for the Weekend theme - Retro/Vintage - travel back in time at Connections to the World



Maria said...

Looking at this postcard made me realize that the bathing suit used by women in the past is almost exactly the same fashion of street wear for most young women in the cities nowadays ...Others would call it freedom of self expression. I beg to differ! Thanks for sharing this postcard that made me pensive while sleepy at the same time(siesta time ATM)!

Eva A. said...

I've had a look to the pictures, and, maybe because of the colour, I must say that I prefer the postcard. I bet it worked as a convincing ad!