Sunday, 29 April 2018


1966: Wildlife (Design - Rena Fennessy)
The distinctive patterns of a kudu appear in all their glory in this stamp, these 'pencil' stripes can vary in number from 4 to 12. The artist is Rena Fennessy who created art for most of the post independent East African countries for about 25 years. She also drew birds and animals for field guides while creating her own art work of East African wildlife and scenery.  The only other thing I could find out about her was she lived in Nairobi and was possibly British. Must be quite a thrill to be able to stick one of your own stamps on a letter.  Well you see one Kudu and then two more come along at the same time...
1964-66: Definitive (Design - Victor Whiteley)
An alert kudu in a forest of young trees showing off its spiraling horns and
1998-2000 Endangered species (3rd Series)
South Africa also chose a similar front view when they issued 'standard postage' booklets of antelope definitives.

While browsing my Ks I came across these which I thought would be rather topical this week with the talks between North and South Korea just ending.
1966: Reunification of North and South Korea
Lets hope for a more peaceful coexistence and something less bellicose.  Build and not destroy.
1965: Drawings of Kim Hong-do
The artist Kim Hong-do (1745-c1806) painted beautiful landscapes but also everyday life, the stamp features his drawing of building a house.

An entry to Sunday Stamps II prompt of the Letter K - for Kudu, Kenya and Korea - See It On A Postcard


viridian said...

Delightful stamps! Let's hope for the best for the two Koreas.

violet s said...

Nice ending with the Korean stamps.
But, the kudu's ears!!!!

FinnBadger said...

Incredible Ks today. Kudu are such distinctive antelope.

Eva A. said...

I didn't know what a kudu was! How do you happen to have so many kudu stamps? :O

Paul Logan said...
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Paul Logan said...

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