Saturday, 28 April 2018

Sycamore Line

Autumn, sycamore leaves and creativity combine to form a beautiful bronze, gold and green splash of colour brightening up a peaty green Scottish beck near Glenfiddich. This is one of the ephemeral artworks created by Andy Goldsworthy called 'Line to follow colour rhythms in sycamore' in October 1990.

More pictures of Andy Goldsworthy's Land Art can be found here.

Postcard's for the Weekend theme - Patterns and Prints - Connections to the World


DawnTreader said...

Like street art but in water... Love it! :)

Maria said...

This is one rare postcard! I haven't seen land art in a postcard before. Awesome choice for the theme! Thanks for sharing and for wishing me a speedy recovery.

Eva A. said...

I can imagine the surprise if I found this while walking in the nature... :)