Sunday, 18 September 2011

Whose A Pretty Boy Then

The teeming life of the Amazon forest was the subject of a miniature sheet this year in the UK so I thought I would link it to this weeks Sunday Stamps location of South America and my choice is the country of Brazil.  The hyacinth macaw sits on one of the top stamps and
in real life they like to nest high up in dead trees into which they gnaw a nesting hole.  These two look wonderful on the branch against the Amazon sky,

This 2001 joint WWF and Brazilian Postal Service stamp issue shows various species of Psittacidae (the parrot family) in their favourite habitat painted by the wildlife artist Etienne Edmonle and in this instance made into maximum cards.
This one of the Yellow-faced Amazon parrot shows the stamp cancellation more clearly.  Brazil is home to a fifth of the worlds parrots, they must be one of the most fascinating species and in some instances most spectacular.
The Jendaya golden-capped conure
Blue-chested Parakeet

All the birds chosen for the stamps are threatened by destruction of their habitat and also targets of illegal wildlife trade. The  illegal parrot trade increases the risk of extinction of some species, hence post office plea, "collect stamps not parrots". 

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Bob Scotney said...

I wasn't aware of the UK minature sheet - it's great. The maximum cards with the Brazilian stamps are superb, but then I'm a sucker for wildlife in general.

Julie Goucher said...

Neither was I aware of the UK sheet. These are lovely!

viridian said...

What a great choice this week. I love birds and the illegal trade sickens me.
thanks for participating.

Sheila @ A Postcard a Day said...

Wow! Another one who wasn't aware of the mini-sheet. I must quiz my stamp collector husband about that. Your cards are wonderful.

Lisa B said...

Wonderful interpretation of the theme and a gorgeous minisheet.

Dorincard said...

Great post, excellent WWF maxicards! :)
I knew about that minisheet, but I didn't buy it to create maxicards - I lacked proper postcards anyway.
Instead, I bought 2 sets of the 10-stamp WWF series, and I created maxicards with them.

Postcardy said...

The parrots are so colorful. It is interesting to see the artistic and photographic images of the same bird together. I agree "collect stamps not parrots."