Friday, 9 September 2011



"Skylark, said a dear little boy.
Pray, where do you go when you fly so high?
Skylark, say, it is true
That you sing to the angels in the sky?
If so, my Mother's an angel up there.
And we do miss her so, you see
So would you please, the next time you go up,
Take this message from Dad and me".

To follow our hostesses Beth's theme of the anniversary of the Twin Towers perhaps this card symbolises all the people who went to work that day and never returned home.

The verse is a music hall song of 1901 written by EW Rogers.
The card is unused but I would guess from the message at the top telling the purchaser that it "may now be used for communication" must put it in the years after 1902.  James Bamford began his career as a manufacturer of lantern slides and the Bamford company became one of the largest producers of model slides.  This "life-model lantern slide" is one of the many reproduced by the company on postcards.

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Sheila @ A Postcard a Day said...

He looks like I imagine Little Lord Fauntleroy to look.

Maria said...

Lovely! I wish little kids these days would still appreciate things like this and not Xbox and Wii.

postcrosser haven said...

that is worth looking at and very interesting. Thanks for the visit. I do hope we can also exchange postcard.

Sunshinelene said...

Such a lovely vintage collection. I wonder what that child is thinking.

Thank you for sharing. ^^

Happy PFF!