Saturday, 27 March 2010

Washington County, New York

Lets cut to the chase "home of pie a la mode" is the big selling point here. I did not know what this was, (always learning though postcards) but it is apple pie and ice cream, two of my favourite things, although I probably prefer custard with apple pie. My grandmother was the queen of apple pies and no matter if she gave anyone her recipe it never turned out as perfect as hers.  Professor Charles Watson Townsend was of a similar sentiment for the pie a la mode at the Hotel Cambridge,  For the full story go here 

This wonderful old building was constructed in 1885 and was a 'train hotel' as it originally provided rooms and dining for the travellers on the Delaware and Hudson Rail-road.  I read it has recently undergone a refurbishment but thing that peeked my interest was the statement that green rocking chairs line the porch.  Rocking chairs, porches and apple pie, you can't get more American than that, or have I spent too much time watching  "The Waltons".

This hotel, as the name implies is located in the small town of Cambridge which my sender says is very rural, with many farms, trees, even a small lake and hiking trails.  Sounds delightful, apparently it is a perfect place to explore the green mountains, the Berkshires and Saratoga Springs.

 Which links nicely to the stamp which is one of the 2009 National Parks series.  We travel west to the Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming.  The photograph was taken from Snake River Overlook at dawn.  Those wonderful mountains, as can be seen, are a typical fault block type and the park contains the second highest mountain in Wyoming. The area is full of hiking and climbing trails but they recommend insect repellent in the summer and waterproof boots the rest of the time, so you get a choice wet or bitten, think I would choose wet. 

The photographer is Dennis Flaherty who has some wonderful photographs on his site. 

Thank you Hannah for sending this card which travelled 3,191 miles (5,135K) and took 13 days

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