Monday, 1 March 2010

Lilies of the Valley

I did not know there were pink lilies of the valley but aren't they beautiful. Like their white cousins they like shade and are just as fragarant.  In the Victorian Language of Flowers Lilly of the Valley symbolised 'Return of Happiness'

Lovely card for the first day of spring sent by Agnes who lives in the La Dombes area of France which is located in east-southeastern France.  Although I have visited France many times I had to look up where it was and found it is a paradise for birds, possibly because of its 1000 + lakes or etangs and it can have unpredictable weather, rain, fog and low lying cloud. Almost sounds like the lake district without the mountains.

The card travelled 1,066 km (662 miles) and took four days.

and had a Year of the Tiger stamp.  Thank you Agnes.

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