Friday, 19 March 2010


When I received a parcel recently I thought I had time warped back to the 1980s as I looked at the stamps. It was too wide to go through my letter box so collected it from the main post office in town , the post assistant was equally fascinated by the number of stamps on one envelope.

The two commemorative stamps are the 1983 British Army Uniforms (Paratroopers) but my theme today is


This is the Europa stamp for 1988 whose theme was Transport and Mail Services in the 1930s, designed by Mike Dempsey.

The 31 pence stamp shows - Glasgow Tram No 1173 and a Pillar Box.  Somebody is portrayed  happily posting a letter in the days when there were lots of collections and deliveries each day.

Glasgow had one of the largest urban tramways in Europe.

Many cities and towns of this time had tramways, but in 1932 the tramway shown here in Barrow in Furness was closed to make way for motor buses.  We have gone full circle now for many cities are now reintroducing tramways.  The first tramway opened on this route in 1885 with steam trams.  They had a bit of a problem when the tram depot caught fire and destroyed parts of the building and the trams, but in 1903 that would not happen again, because electrification was started by the British Electric Traction Company, who electrified many tramways in towns and cities all over the UK and also in Australia and New Zealand.  The first electric trams ran in 1904 down the route pictured. I hope the weather was better then for it appears to be an open topped tram.

If you like factoids then the system ran on a 4 foot gauge and Christmas Day 1929 was the first time they operated on that day.

Standing  in the same place as this today, apart from the tram, nothing much has changed, the introduction of traffic lights alter the scene, but all the buildings still stand.  The one on the left was the first Working Men's Club and Institute in the town, being built in 1871, and ironically know locally as the House of Lords.

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Postcardy said...

We could use some tramways (streetcars) here.

Snap said...

I love traveling through time via postcards! Thanks! Happy PFF

Linda said...

Excellent history, beautiful stamps. Love the colorful tram. Happy PFF!

Mary said...

Interesting! Old streetcars havpe been put in use on Market Street in San Francisco. They are pretty cool. Happy PFF.

Sheila said...

I do that with stamps! I have a rapidly depleting store of old stamps, not rare at all, that I use to send cards to people who might appreciate them.

It's interesting about the trams sytems being reinstated. I wonder what other mistakes we have been making.

Evelyn Yvonne Theriault said...

The same thing is happening in Montreal - tramways are about to make a comeback. I actually have a sub-collection of Montreal tramway postcards and my students find them fascinating!
Evelyn in Montreal