Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Finnish Lapland

A cool card of Finnish Lapland (Lappi) entitled Drinking Water (Tunturipurojen raikkautta), how wonderfully clear and icy cold would that water be.  I love cards with mountains on.  I think these rounded fells are called tuntun by the Sami people who live there.  So far so generic, but I thought I would look at the publisher Arctic Paradise's site to see what other scenes they did, and there under an article about Kilpisjarven was this very card. The Land of the Great Mountain Fells borders on Sweden and Norway high above the Arctic Circle.  Kilpisjarven is both the name of the lake and the village.  All the 1000 metre peaks are in this area which has Europe's cleanest air.  It also has more northern lights than anywhere else in Finland.  How nice that this card also came with

one of the September 2009 stamp set of the Auroral Borealis (named after the Roman goddess of the dawn, and the Greek name for the north wind).  In Finland called rovontulet.

The Finnish Meteorological Institute has a great site called Auroras Now!, almost as good as being there, not really, but its the closest I will probably get.  This is part of the European Space Agency Space Weather Pilot Project which  is monitoring conditions on the sun, solar winds and  the magnetosphere amongst other things.

This card came from Seppo in Tuusula who tells me that the weather is cloudy and -3 degrees centigrade, hope it has warmed up a little over there since he sent it.

The card travelled 1,823 kilometres and took 6 days. Thank you Seppo.


Tarun Mitra said...

I liked the stamp

Joy said...

Yes, the other two of the set are pretty as well. The Finns are rather good with stamps.