Thursday, 25 March 2010

Finnish Seasons

A lovely card from Finland showing the four seasons. The sender says "see the seasons we have here in the north".  Although she has had enough winter now and wishes that spring comes soon. I would guess that the moose in the photo is thinking that as well.

It came with a glittery fairy stamp. The dress gleams and glitters, I vote for more stamps with glitter.

This is from a set of 5 published in January 2010 in time for Valentine's Day. There are two flower fairies, heart, violin and the one that came with my card, the star fairy.

The young designer is Minni Havas an illustrator from Helsinki,

The postcard travelled 1,127 miles (1,813K) and took 10 days.

Thank you Leena for this seasonal offering


Sheila said...

I love the cards from Finland. They are very different from the majority of other countries, though I noticed something similar locally. Unfortunately I've forgotten where!

Joy said...

Yes and their stamps are inventive as well. It is a country that fascinates me but have never visited, yet.