Monday, 14 November 2011

Fuji & Cherry Blossom

 Mt Fuji and Cherry Flower, Yamanashi
The iconic Mount Fuji, highest mountain in Japan (12,389 ft) its volcanic cone covered with snow as the cherry blossom flowers.  The delicate surrounding the monumental.  What a wonderful sight.  The mountain has been an inspiration to poets and painters through the ages, the most famous of which is Hokusai and his '36 views of Mount Fuji'. Noriko who sent this card says the name of Cherry Blossom in Japanese is Sakura.

The card came with
on the right one of the June 2011 set of Hello Kitty stamps and look Kitty has some cherry blossom in her hair, this stamp is called Hello Kitty in Yoshinoyama.  A mountain in Japan famous for viewing cherry blossom, people have been coming here for centuries to see the 30,000 cherry trees bloom.  The stamp with the honey bee, who I would imagine also like cherry blossom, is a 1997 definitive.   

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