Monday, 1 August 2011


 L'ancienne école d'artillerie, la Tour du Connétable et les jardins

Back from holiday, and here is the town I stayed for a week. Not intentionally for I was in the hospital after missing the last four steps of the staircase and breaking my femur. The Bretagne Atlantique hospital put me back together and looked after me wonderfully so I am now back in England and letting time, and exercise do the rest. My partner brought me postcards of the city to show me in hospital and on the 13th July market found a vintage postcard seller and presented me with the cards. Now I'll know what date to revisit the city!

The card is of  "The old artillery school, the Connetable's Tower and the gardens".  The tower is medieval and part of the old city walls. The medieval centre is full of pretty timber framed houses. The city sits on the Gulf of Morbihan, a place of islands, boats and harbours, sheltered from the Atlantic.

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