Wednesday, 6 July 2011

En Vacance

I am off to the land of yellow postboxes for a few weeks to twirl a few postcard racks. Here is choice of four letterboxes at the main post office in Ploermel, France. Two on the left, the internal post, large and small, to region 56 of Morbihan in Brittany. Exterieur (outside), which we took to mean the rest of France and Etranger (stranger or foreigner), where we put our postcards home. They arrived, so guess we made the right choice, although we did puzzle for a moment as to whether we were outsiders or strangers.


jane said...

Lucky you - I love France it is a few years back since we visited - Le Bec - and Honfleur being my favourites from the last trip - have a great time Janex

Christine H. said...

I hope you have a wonderful time stopping at the cafes between postboxes.