Thursday, 18 August 2011

Double Mucha

A postcard from the Czech Republic of Mucha's  famous Champagne Ruinart poster.  Alfons Maria Mucha (1860-1939) was born in the Moravia region, part of Czechoslovakia, now the Czech Republic.  I have always associated him with fin de siècle Paris and his wonderful Art Nouveau posters, but just looking briefly into his life I discover how wrong this impression was. He tried to deny his work was art nouveau and said his style was actually Czech art becoming frustrated that he was always associated with his commercial art. Returning to Prague in the 20th Century he produced many murals around the city.  My sender, Dajna, says that the art nouveau style makes some parts of Prague even more charming.

With Czechoslavakia's independence after World War 1 Mucha designed many postage stamps and banknotes for his country so how lovely that Dajna sent this card with

one of the stamps issued in May 2010 to celebrate Mucha's 150th birth anniversary.  This one is the actress Sarah Bernhardt 'Gismonda' poster. He had a 6 year contract from Bernhardt where he produced many other theatre posters for her.

Thank you Dajna for the beautiful stamp and card

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