Sunday, 28 August 2011


We travel the world on the web, discovering places we may never have the opportunity to visit, although one always lives in hope. I noticed yesterday that I had a new location on my visitor flags, the island of Reunion.  The present population of the island is 800,000, how intriguing that one of them ended up on my blog.    I wondered if I had any Reunion stamps and I did, but not may, here are three of them.  The first two are definitives from 1907 showing a map of the island (which lies in the Indian Ocean east of Madagascar). 
And this one is from the 1933 definitive series showing the Cascade Salazie, known as the bridal veil because of the effect as it flows down the hillside.  Thanks to wikipedia I find that the greatest rainfall over 24 hours ever recorded in the world was on this island, 73 inches, which happened in 1952. The Cascade must have been quite a sight on that day.

What a pity I do not have any of the early aerial stamps for Reunion was the birthplace of the pioneer aviator Roland Garros.  It looks a beautiful place

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Bob Scotney said...

The Cascade Salazie is a beautiful stamp. It must be magnificent to see in reality.

Postcardy said...

I love those old stamps, and that is a beautiful video.

Sheila @ A Postcard a Day said...

73 inches of rain in one day sounds like a cascade in itself!

viridian said...

beautiful! I have only heard about this island b/c of its geology, and threatened species.
thanks for participating. said...

Those are beautiful stamps. I like the unique color tones on top of the natural paper stock.