Tuesday, 2 August 2011

My True Love Has My Heart

A card from Lithuania by the illustrator Brigita Budryté.  I can discover nothing about her apart from the the fact she illustrates books. I find the painting both amusing and spooky, and open to many interpretations. Are the fairy folk the couple of love, their hearts joined and playful or have they taken someone's heart and are about to play with it?

The card came with
  a stamp of 2008, one of two celebrating the Olympic Games in Beijing. This is the Yacht 'Laser Radial' class. Small one person dingies, part of the women's single-handed discipline. The silver medal in the 2008 Olympics was won by the only sailor in the Lithuanian team, Gintaré Volungevičiūté. 

Thank you Gabija for this fascinating card


magiceye said...

the 1st one is fascinating!

thank you for your good wishes!

Ann said...

Brigita Budryté must be very clever. I met a illustrator, but I didn't dare to ask if she will illustrate my book.

Thank you for visiting.