Wednesday, 22 June 2011


 "Mariinskyi Palace (18th c) former Russian's Tzars' residence, today - the palace is for solemn receptions of the Heads of States. "

This winter scene is almost like a stage set.  So pretty, is would be wonderful to to arrive on a troika, bells jingling and the horses breath rising in the wintery sunshine. The baroque design is one of the many palaces designed by Bartolomeo Rastrelli. 

The site was chosen by the Empress Elizabeth and the palace was built between the years 1747-55.  Sadly it never seems to have been actually lived in for any amount of time, it was inhabited sporadically by the royal family, then housed a ministry, the national guard and a museum. Today, as it says on the card, it is used for official reception.  It is rumoured that the president of Ukraine is considering using as his official residence.

Originally the palace was set in a large park with orangery and orchards, I don't know if they are still there for the building was damaged and looted in World War II, being rebuilt in 1949.  As may be noticed my card was damaged by pesky postal machinery, I seem to be having a spate of these at the moment.

My sender, Antonina, tells me in contrast to the card it is summertime in Kiev, but her city is beautiful in any season, as can be seen on the card.

The card came with
the little inkwell and quill, an nice symbol for letter writers and Postcrossers. This is one of the 7th Definitive Issue of Ukraine whose theme I think are household objects. They seem to withdraw and add to this issue since 2008.  The set was designed by Kateryna Shtanko who has done some other pretty stamps for Ukraine post, or to give them their proper name, Ukrpostita.

Thank you Antonina for the beautiful card.

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