Monday, 6 June 2011

Golden Mermaid

A mermaid combing her long golden tresses while the full moon and sea birds and fish surround her. But what is the significance of the watch?  In European legends, like fairies, mermaids have an uncertain temperament, and are known for enchanting humans.  This card however, despite its appearance, comes from China where the legends are different, mermaids are more a force of nature, their tears can turn in priceless pearls.

My sender, Lìwén, has an unusual surname because it consists of two words whereas most surnames in China are only one word. I had not noticed that about Chinese surnames before.  Like me she finds it interesting. 

The card came with three stamps:
two of the beautiful Formosan Blue Magpie which is sometimes referred to as the "long tailed mountain lady", in contrast to the long tailed sea lady of the postcard.   The Blue Magpies must look stunning perched in the trees. This stamp was issued in 2002 as was the other stamp
from the set of "Protecting the Common Homeland of Mankind", this one called "Air Conservation".  Always good to breathe clean air and indeed Earth is our only homeland. 

Thank you Lìwén for the pretty card and stamps   

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Tina said...

Beautiful stamps! Thanks for visiting my blog :) LG Tina