Friday, 17 June 2011

By the Seaside

Central Pier Head, Morecambe

Opened on March 25th, 1869 the pavilion on this pier's nickname was the 'Taj Mahal of the North'.  The Lancaster Guardian, in 1908, documents that 

the  "variety and excellence of the bill of fare' " to entertain the pier's patrons. From Rousby's electrical review entitled Paris and London – Le Entente Cordiale incorporating a version of the Eiffel Tower adorned with hundreds of coloured lights; to a 'charming and agreeable musical turn' by Coverdale and Huxley's Bijou Juveniles singing popular melodies. Then there was the high wire tumbling act The Three Lloyds. The Guardian reports that their tumbling 'is done with neatness and precision.'  Burke, Andrus and Frisco brought 'spectacular absurdity' while comedian and clog dancer T.W. Royal and comedian Sam Shipley had the audience roaring with laughter. Last but not least, the newspaper reports that the 'pretty ballroom is filled nightly by the votaries of dancing.'

And as can be seen by the sign at the end of the pier of "dancing free", this was the place to be.   Perhaps our sender saw the show for the card was sent on the 27 July 1908.
"Dear Sister, The weather is lovely send Annie and Fred by the next train. Your F.....? "

Perhaps our sender was watching this boat about to set sail while waiting for Annie and Fred
Going for a Sail. Morecambe

Take your choice whether to send this as a post card or printed matter, but take care, with one of those option only five words can be used.  I have never sent a post card with so few words, but if that was all available what would the words be?  If it was 1933 you could have written  "come quickly, pavilion on fire" because that is when it was destroyed, people came from miles around to watch.  The pier was later rebuilt and dancing was once again taking place at the end of the pier but at the end of the century it fell into disrepair and was demolished in 1992.

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Snap said...

I love vintage seaside postcards. The pavilions are so interesting and the fashions! Happy PFF!

Sheila @ A Postcard a Day said...

It's so sad that these piers are disappearing, and that was certainly a spectacular example. Nothing like our local pier which is just about as plain as you can get.

Sreisaat said...

Wow, I can see why it's dubbed as the Taj Mahal of the North. I love looking at the clothes, too. Our piers in the Phils are nothing fancy like this even during yester-years.

Postcards Crossing

Debs said...

how funny! so many of us seem to have posted seaside postcards this week for PFF! british piers are a great sad that so many have been lost, but thankfully there have been recent moves to restore many too.

Postcard Perfect said...

you can be sure that there's always exciting thing going on everyday by the seaside. :)

Heather said...

There is something about shorelines that attract people. For me it's the sounds of the waves on the beach.