Monday, 21 March 2011

Say Cheese

It is said in France there is a cheese for every day of the year, and of course the famous Charles De Gaulle quote is "how can you govern a nation that has 246 different cheeses".  I wonder how many types of cheese Normandy has, the 14 on this card seem to be all types of Camembert.  This soft cheese originated in Normandy and unlike Brie is produced in a small round, traditionally sold in small wood containers with the label covering the top.  I love to browse amongst the Cheeses when on holiday in France, the only difficulty is deciding which to choose.

The apple blossom and the apple harvest shows the other things to have when visiting Normandy, of course apples and cheese are a perfect combination, but perhaps these apples are destined for either cider or Calvados (apple brandy) or even an Normandy apple tart.

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magiceye said...

would love to taste all those cheeses ...