Monday, 14 March 2011

All At Sea

Eeva, who sent this card from Finland, says the Baltic Sea seems rather threatening in winter. The card is certainly threateningly atmospheric with the blue colours and the distant island surrounded by a white and icy sea. The ocean can be a wonderful place but it is also can be a dangerous one, as the sad events in Japan have shown all too graphically.

On the back was a picture of the
Glasgow built windjammer Pommern. Winner of the grain race from Australia to England twice.  After World War II she was given to the the town of Mariehamn, and is still anchored there, part of the Åland Maritime Museum. She is also famous for the pictures of rounding Cape Horn taken by Peter Karney.  I have seen an old black and white film of that experience it looked one scary trip. The artist has certainly taken the voyage into consideration with the stormy sea portrayed. I discovered that Peter Karney's photographs are held by the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich. I love these old sailing ships so this is one place to head to when in  London, although I would love to visit the Åland Islands and see this sailing ship (a popular visitor attraction).

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