Monday, 8 November 2010

Yew Tree Farm

Yew Tree Farm near Coniston must be a favourite of postcard publishers for its picture appears throughout the seasons, perhaps at a different angle, but on numerous cards through the decades. It is picturesque with white painted walls, the hills in the background and the old spinning gallery on the left.  Its fame may be even greater now for it stood in for Beatrix Potter's home in the film "Miss Potter" starring Rene Zellweger.  She did own this farm, as she did many in the area (which were occupied by tenant farmers), but her actual home was at Hill Top.  Impossible for the film company to use for it is now a museum to all things Peter Rabbit and friends and Potter's life,  plus perhaps not quite as pretty as Yew Tree Farm. 

The coat of arms on this card is a puzzle. Before government reorganisation this place used to be in Lancashire so a white rose, the symbol of Yorkshire, would seem out of place. I'll have to see if I can spot the other symbols anywhere else in the area.

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Wysteria said...


I love the view of these postcards. I have often thought of starting a postcard change online. Wouldn't it be fun? I still might do that someday.

Enjoyed your site very much and thank you for stopping by mine!