Wednesday, 10 November 2010

A Peaceful Derwentwater

 Falcon Crag, Derwentwater
Derwentwater, a 3 mile long lake in the northern Lake District, its islands and much of the shoreline is now owned by the National Trust. The hills rise straight up from the lake on its northern side and this painting of Falcon Crag captures the wooded slopes and rocky face beautifully. A road runs along the southern side which takes in the full sweep of the lake.  Hire a rowing boat or step on board one of the small motor launches to enjoy the surrounding views to perfection.  Last winter was very cold and the lake froze, probably something that only happens about every ten years.  Wonder what this years winter will bring.  The nearest town is Keswick a popular tourist destination., perhaps the sender of this card in September 1904 lived there.
No clues from the message "Thanks for the PC Sydney was so pleased. I am going to write to Auntie in a day or two. Hope you are all well. With love JR"  How often cards promise further correspondence, the art of procrastination.   

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MuseSwings said...

Looks like that lucky person got a PC many years before they were invented! Wonder what version of Windows was on it...ran on kerosene.