Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Anyone for Cricket

An Edwardian cricket match, early 20th century.

On a beautiful summers day the ball is about to be bowled, fast.  A fast bowler from the other end of the 20th century, Bob Willis, with his long run up would have come at some speed down the slope in the background.  The match is taking place somewhere in Lancashire, place unknown.

At midnight GMT one of the great international sporting  rivalries starts another series at my favourite Australian Ground, The Gabba in Brisbane, (who could not love a ground with a Vulture Street end). 

For those not belonging to a cricketing nation the England versus Australia matches have a long history. In 1882 England lost to Australia on home ground, an obituary appeared in The Sporting Times stating that English Cricket had died "and its body will be cremated and taken to Australia".  The 'ashes' have be fought over ever since.  There are 20/20 and one day matches but the ones that count are the classic 5 Test Matches which determine the destination of the ashes (a teeny weeny urn which actually never moves from England).

2 comments: said...

Great post - very timely. Come on England !!

Joy said...

And fingers crossed, hope the new ball does something at the start of the 3rd day.