Monday, 29 November 2010

Mureuk-ri, Korea

Standing Stone Image in Mireuki-ri

This serene site is one of the oldest Buddhist shrines in Korea. Located in the Woraksan Mountains national park it probably dates back to the 11th Century Goryeo era but parts of it were possibly constructed in the earlier Shilla period (668-918). Legend has it that it was built by the last crown prince of the United Shilla  Kingdom. The lantern is created from one single block of granite, the 5 story pagoda is from the Goryeo Kingdom era. The eye leads to the Buddha at the end which legend says has magical properties which include the observation that despite its age the face remains amazingly clean. 

The sender hopes I like this unique card.  I certainly do and it is my first ever card from Korea.  It came with
two definitive stamps, the first Whistling Swans, winter migratory birds, and the other of Taegeukgi, the national flag of the Republic of Korea. Couldn't resist including the cute air mail hand-stamp in the scan.

Thank you Rob for this super card which travelled 5,544 miles (8923k) and took 15 days

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