Saturday, 20 November 2010

Post Box #8 Park Fell, Skelwith Bridge

 Postbox LA22 196
Postbox on the Coniston to Ambleside road which gradually climbs in altitude. It is a popular route not only for the destination but the views. There is a better vista of the hills further on, but not only is this road a busy one it is also very narrow so you would have to be a photographer with steady nerves to stop.

The postbox is in quite an exposed place so is rather grubby but its small lay-by makes it a great place to stop and post your cards, and perhaps journey on to the Brathay river as it  flows by Skelwith Bridge, break off to have a pot of tea and rather delicious cakes at the cafe with a river view. 

I took the photo in the late afternoon, the autumn light had moved from the postbox to the hills.

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Gemma Wiseman said...

O this sounds such a romantic corner of the world! The view behind this little post box looks so lovely! This one seems to be quite a different style from the other British postboxes!

Thank you again for joining in my Weekend Mailbox meme.

Joy said...

Glad you can spot British postboxes now, my work is complete, LOL. You are quite right it is a modern box made of impact resistant iron for mainly rural areas. On those icy winter mornings, car skidding across the road this box wil survive an impact, not sure about the car.

Deborah Swain said...

wonderful! whenever i'm back in the UK i always make a point of photographing victorian postboxes when i happen upon them...i must upload them to flickr and start joining in with this meme!