Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Turku Abo

Turku Abo is on the south west coast of Finland at the mouth of the Aura River (Aurjoki) and is one of the oldest cities in the country dating back to the 13th Century. It is the regional capital and the Christmas City of Finland.  The name is a combination of the Finnish Turku (old Slavic for market place) and the Swedish Abo meaning riverside home. The sender moved here a year ago and has made it her riverside home and says "this small sea city is a pretty nice place to live".

Located by the Baltic Sea it has warm summers and wet cold snowy winters. Perhaps next year would be a good time to visit as it is the European Capital of Culture, but not in August for that is their wettest month. Although August is supposed to be a pretty wet month in Britain but I never remember it as that.

The city has nine bridges crossing the Aura, none on this postcard, but a lovely picture of the waterfront at night. The top right hand image is the market in the centre of Turku which every year in July has a medieval market. Just like my home town it builds ships but nice cruise type rather than the grey submarines here.

The card came with an Easter stamp that made me smile called the "Easter Twins":

The Finnish postal site says "The Easter bunnies disguised as Easter eggs or the other way round"

The designer is Osmo Omenamaki who also designed their Easter postcards, oooh I nearly pressed on the 'buy' button on the site

The card also came with a Pooh Bear flying a paper plane, probably taking his mind off looking for honey.

Thank you Tiia for showing me your world

The card travelled 1,041 miles (1,675K) and took 7 days, although it was delivered to one of my neighbours so it took 8 days before it was in my hot hand.

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