Monday, 19 April 2010

Kenya Coast

A white sandy beach on the Indian Ocean. All along the  Kenyan coast are lovely beaches, old towns, overgrown and deserted ruins, and Arab and Portuguese ports. There is no indication on this card of where any of these photographs are but who can resist a beach.

The stamps on the card were two of the definitive 2001 Crops series.

Kenya's horticultural sector is the economies fastest growing sector and their third largest foreign exchange earner.  With all flight in and out of Europe grounded due to the Iceland volcano the flowers and vegetables that Kenya exports to Europe are deteriorating in storage.  The airports north of Blackpool are supposed to be opening tomorrow which will be good news for the Kenyan growers.

Another of their top foreign exchange earners is tourism and this card was sent from Andy and Jo who were on a December holiday in Kenya a few years ago, and got married on one of those lovely white sandy beaches.

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