Saturday, 17 April 2010

Aven Armand

Wow how amazing are these stalagmites and how many years must it have taken to produce this scene. Look how they dwarf the people.

The cavern was discovered in September 1897 by Louis Armand so they were named after him as 'Aven Armand'. Aven is the french name for a big underground  cavern.  They are located near the village of Meyrueis in an area of the south of France called Les Causses, described as wild and beautiful.

Not only can you visit these natural wonders but travel underground is by funicular, although it is possible on occasions to descend by rope down a natural shaft. I'd be spoilt for choice although on balance I think the rope option would be much more fun. I went down the 300 foot shaft of Gaping Gill in Yorkshire by rope, although there was a bosun's chair attached, it went down quite fast. I can recommend it.

The official site for Aven Armand says "Impassioned guides will make you admire, thanks to the setting in light with changing effect, the virgin forest and its 400 single stalamites" The biggest is 30 meters high which is shown on the postcard for it says on the back The Great Stalagmite.

This card came with

the October 2009 joint issue with Switzerland of the Centenary of the Universal Postal Union.  World Post Day is celebrated each year on 9th October, the anniversary of the establishment of the UPU in 1874 in the Swiss capital, Berne. Thanks to this union of countries we can all just stick a stamp on our letter or postcard and it will be delivered anywhere in the world.

The stamp features the French sculptor Rene de Paul Saint-Marceaux (1845-1915) who create the UPU Monument in Berne. This image also appears on their flag.

Thank you Isa in the south of France for sending me this card. She says Postcrossing is a great way of travel; it certainly is, so hurray for the universal postal system.

The card travelled 729 miles (1,174k) and took 6 days. 

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Ann said...

last year, I went to two caves, the Waitomo caves in New Zealand and Mulu caves in Sarawak, Borneo. They are amazing.

Thanks for visiting.