Sunday, 16 October 2016

Take the Biscuit

I'm lacking in stamps for this week's theme of Foods of the World but for those with a sweet tooth here are some Bagværk which Google translates as baked goods.  This may make more sense than its translation of the other words on the miniature sheet - 'hyggestunder en mørk tid' - candlestick a dark time.  I make a guess that this may be something to do with the Danish word, hygge, cosyness, which has a deeper meaning in their culture, something like the warm glow of candlelight and enjoying the good things of life with friends and family perhaps around a table with lots of food and sweet things.   These are Christmas Biscuits.  To my eyes they look like gingerbread men but in Denmark it takes a different twist for these are

2015: Christmas Biscuits
honey cake man, honey cake heart and honey cake woman.  The recipes for these can be traced back to the middle ages, today they are decorated with icing and can be hung on the Christmas tree. The advice is that the full flavour of the honey first appears after a week so bake in advance of Christmas.

An entry to Sunday Stamps II theme - Foods of the World - come to the table at See It On A Postcard


Mail Adventures said...

I think these are neat designs for Christmas. Lately, I find the Christmas stamps rather boring... And of course, they look very tasty!

viridian said...

Thanks for sharing! they look too cute to eat.

VioletSky said...

Good post title!
I like the old timey feel of these stamps. And I would be willing to eat some honey cake men and do a taste comparison to gingerbread men.

Maria said...

Yes please! I'd like to take the biscuit :)

Nice read for me, specially that what I know most of these biscuits is from the Gingerbread man children's classic from my younger years hehe.

Bob Scotney said...

I've worked a lot in Denmark and can vouch for their bisuits but have never ween these or the stamps.