Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Taiwan Travel

A passenger train crosses a valley somewhere in Taiwan.  It could be the South-Link Line across the southern tip which is one of Taiwan's scenic route connecting the eastern and western coasts but as my sender, Pao Hsiu, lives in Chiayi County which is boarded on one side by mountains and the other by the sea perhaps is somewhere on the west coast.  Wherever it is it looks a beautiful rail journey. I discovered that you can buy a "round the island" pass which lasts for 15 days and consists of 7 separate tickets breaking your journey at different stations along the routes.  It sounds like the rail lovers perfect holiday.

Looking at the lush forest covering the mountains I imagine that it is also a perfect place to find fungi.
The card came with one of the 2013 "Wild Mushrooms of Taiwan (Series III)" stamp showing the Woolly Chanterelle (Gomphus floccosus) which appears in coniferous woodlands in late summer and early autumn. The stamps are sold in individual sheets or as a rather wonderful miniature sheet which shows mushrooms growing on the autumn woodland floor beautifully.  The designer is Chi-jen Lai.

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